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CMC Digital provides private digital engagement for senior decision-makers to accelerate business conversations across Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare, Telecoms, Life sciences & many other global industries. We have built vast communities and trust within these verticals across all functions.

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The European Digital Banking Summit provides a platform for senior Digital Banking and FinTech leaders, knowledge share and deliberate on some of the key challenges being faced on their digital transformation journey. With Banks going through a once in a generation transformation it is crucial that they address some of the key technology challenges such as the leveraging legacy systems, managing and embracing fintech, omni-channel banking and the major culture shift that is upon on them.

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The stakes have been higher for technology in Banking. Customer behaviour and the digital revolution are dictating what banking institutions need to deliver. This will likely require heavy tech investment and a major change in culture. The Global CIO Banking Summit will address the complex issues that will inevitably surface; the Banking industry’s need to deliver competent and efficient connectivity is now a number one priority. Global C-level executives will come together with leading solution providers to engage, debate, experience share and deliberate on the future of Banking.

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The Insurtech movement is at a pivotal place right now as a recognised disruptor to the traditional insurance markets. The developments we are seeing in the industry are very exciting, ranging from new distribution and mobile platforms to cyber protection, insuring connected homes to driverless cars; all enabled through a myriad of new technologies including AI, bots and blockchain. The European Digital Insurance Summit is an intimate gathering of senior decision makers, disruptors and innovators from across Europe who are mutually interested to engage, debate, experience share, and exchange their views on topics that matter most.

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As cyber security attacks continue to dominate news headlines, the cost of data breaches across the world on the rise and criminals find innovative ways to bypass controls, uncovering how the Financial Services industry refocus efforts from resilience to active defence is more important than ever before. The Financial Services Security Summit is a forum for Senior IT Security Executives to come together to engage, debate, experience share and deliberate the future of security within banking eco-systems.

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The European Retail Technology Summit is a closed door private invitation only gathering that plays host to a community of senior Security leaders from across the European Retail sector who come together to address some of the key challenges and opportunities within the industry such as user experience, understanding customer behaviour and digital platforms.

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